Yvonne Ferguson, Fergie’s FIT Training
“Jami is a fantastic business owner and marketing Professional. She has been very instrumental in making my business and the varied services that I provide, more visible to a wider audience. Thank you jami, you are a beacon in the business world!”
March 20, 2013

Dean “Deano” Fromkin, Owner/Entrepreneur, Fromkin’s Inc
“It is my honor and pleasure to write a testimonial for Jami and the PhillyFIT publication. I have known Jami since she was about 18 years old. We have had a wonderful personal and business relationship throughout the many years. During the early years of our friendship, Jami worked part-time for a company which I owned and she was a very diligent, completely trustworthy dedicated and tenacious employee. How many female employees do you know of who insist upon working up to the last hours of their pregnancy, finish their assigned work task, and then drive themselves to the hospital to delivery the baby! This awesome lady is one dedicated team player! As we matured in our respective business careers we have had a mutually benefitual working relationship. Jami is a genuine person…what you see is what you get. She has always strived very hard to meet the challenges of both working mom and reputable business owner. She conducts herself in a most professional manner and has an extremely high positive energy level. During the 15+ years that I was the owner of Bucks Bagels located in the Philadelphia area, there were many occasions when we had the opportunity to partner together on Philly Bash events. Despite relocating to Southern Florida, Jami and I remain in contact. We continue to have mutual admiration and respect for each other regarding our accomplishments in both our personal lives and business endeavors.”
September 20, 2012

Stefan Muller, Executive Marketing Director, Interactive Lot
“Driven visionary who leads by example!” October 9, 2010  Valerie Skripek, Client (Marketing) “Jami is a talented event producer and as owner and publisher of PhillyFIT Magazine knows no limits in keeping it fresh and relevant. Her PhillyFIT bashes are a testament to her ability to network, draw new talent and reinvent ways to keep fitness and fitness products interesting. She’s a pleasure to work with.”
September 20, 2012

Valerie SkripekClient (Marketing)
“Jami is a talented event producer and as owner and publisher of PhillyFIT Magazine knows no limits in keeping it fresh and relevant. Her PhillyFIT bashes are a testament to her ability to network, draw new talent and reinvent ways to keep fitness and fitness products interesting. She’s a pleasure to work with.”
September 20, 2012

Ellen Wasser-HrinDirector, Model Management Agency- MMA
“Jami has a great local magazine and encourages others to be their best. I am an avid reader as I am personally interested in fitness and health. She is doing a good thing and is inspirational!”
September 20, 2012

Joe PepeClient (Business Consultant) 
“Jami is an amazing person who is beyond willing to help out anybody who comes to her. Shes hardworking and she incredible at what she does.”
September 20, 2012

Aaron OberstDirector, Dr. Drill Instructor, Inc.
“I have had the pleasure to work with Jami Appenzeller and her PhillyFIT magazine for a number of years. Jami’s passion for fitness is infectious and I have enjoyed every moment of our working together. For the past five years, my organization has participated in PhillyFIT’s BASH, which is an over-the-top health and fitness expo and workout competition. It has been an honor to be a part of these events and to work alongside Jami on our mutual mission to empower people via healthy living. I have found Jami to be a dependable business partner and a great friend. DDIP is very much looking forward to our next event with PhillyFIT this coming fall. Always Faithful, Dr. Drill”
September 21, 2012

Frank MitmanOwner/Photographer, Frank Mitman Digital Photographic Imaging
“Jami’s magazine is top notch in the area of health and fitness. The look, feel, and content of her publication is really worth reading. Highly recommended.”
September 20, 2012

Matt GoldsteinIndepentent AVON Sales Representative
“Jami is detailed oriented and a very hard worker, and makes sure she gets her job done and everyone else. Only hires the best”
September 20, 2012

Dennis PicconeFinancial Representative, Northwestern Mutual
“Jami, is an extremely outgoing individual who is a “go getter” when it comes to business. I am looking forward to many years of working with Jami and all her endeavors.”
September 20, 2012

Steve GuenzelCEO and Growth Strategist, Advanced Stair Systems
“Jami is an amazing person who is beyond willing to help out anybody who comes to her. Shes hardworking and she incredible at what she does.She will never let you down…..”
September 20, 2012

Patrick Warner Jr.Public Relations, Amici 2
“Jami is a true innovator and creative mind, behind fitness awareness in the Northeastern region of the country. Her ability to comprehend, the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, has led to a flagship brand, PhillyFIT Magazine along with brand extension Work-A-Thon, PhillyFIT BASH and Fitness EXPO. In my opinion, Jami ability to attract community involvement via event marketing has fostered brand equity, which has positively impacted the City of Philadelphia.”
September 21, 2012

Jim RoachRed Tiger TaeKwon-Do “Director of Business Development, Sales, and Community Relations, RED TIGER TAE-KWON-DO
“Hi I’m Jim Roach; I am the Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Hy Lit Radio. I would like to write a letter of recommendation for my friend Jami Appenzeller from PhillyFIT Magazine. In plain honest terms Jami is good people! My wife Nina has MS! I am The Director of Community Relations for Red Tiger TaeKwon-Do in NE Philadelphia. I run all of Team Red Tigers charity events. Jami is always more than willing to be a part of any of my charity events. She gets the picture like is about helping out and making a difference. I am proud to say Jami is a colleague of mine from the fitness industry and honored to say is also a friend. She is as beautiful a person on the inside and out. A loving and dedicated Mother and a clever hardworking businesswoman. What I always respected about Jami personally was the love she has for her family. Her loving tribute to her Father was simply beautiful. And her Phillyfit magazine is the best! Jami is PhillyFit magazine and she would not settle for anything but the best. Like the great John Wooden said “Winning takes talent, to repeat takes character. Coach Wooden would have been a big Jami Appenzeller fan! Peace and Health, Jim Roach”
September 20, 2012

Jeremy Finkeldey, Client (Publishing)
“My temptation is to give you only one word about Jami – and that word is ‘awesome’. She is a high-energy, friendly provider of great service to other people. She is very, very impressive – someone you are not likely to forget.”
September 20, 2012

Rob GuarinoChief Meteorologist, WTXF-FOX Philadelphia
“Jami works about 30 hours a days if that is possible. She is a good friend, smart business person and most of all passionate about her work and life. I had the pleasure of meeting Jami years ago on a magazine shoot and our friendship and business relationship continues to grow even though we’re miles apart. If you ever need a boost of energy whether it be in business or in life Jami has plenty to spare and is willing to share.”
September 20, 2012

LaVerne PriceClient (Workout-a-thon)
“I am a faithful reader of PhillyFit Magazine and participant in the Workout-a-thons. Jami publishes an informative FREE Magazine, PhillyFit Magazine. It is the only publication that I will make a special trip to the store to get a hard copy. Unlike other fitness magazines that have the same basic articles each month, the topics are always current and engaging. The PhillyFIT Bash and Workout-a-thons are also great. I recently had the pleasure of being on both sides of the event as a participant and an instructor. The amount of detail that goes into this event is unbelievable. Both the magazine and the events are planned and executed with the reader and participant as the focus.”
September 20, 2012

Tom SpilkerClient (Publishing)
“Jami definely has a postive attitude and the love of fitness. With these qualities she is able to provide expert fitness tips as well as publish a top notch fitness magazine. So all those in the tri-state Philadelphia area looking for fitness expertise, Jami should be on the top of your contact list!”
September 20, 2012

Gene SzumowskiMarketing, Computer Professional
“Jami does a great job as publisher of PhillyFIT magazine…it has great info on health/fitness/nutrition! She has local events, such as PhillyFIT BASH & Workout-a-thon, in which you can meet and learn from experts in the industry. Jami will inspire and motivate you to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, in which you will look and feel great!”
September 23, 2012

Robert CastaldiClient (Personal Training)
“Jami publishes a magazine which provides expert information on health and fitness and local activities to help those who are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle or improving their level of fitness. She also aarranges and organizes events where people can meet those in the industry who can help guide interested consumers to the healthiest and most cost effective means of reaching their goals.”
September 22, 2012

Faust RuggieroExecutive Director, Phillies Fan Central
“In a time when nutritional experts predict a 30% increase in obesity, Jami’s approach is well rounded, and targets the whole person. This is what sets it apart from so many other approaches. Her knowledge bases are sound, and she communicates them passionately, with enthusiasm, in a fashion that is individually goal oriented, and realistic. Never omitted from the approach is the personal, humanistic touch. Never lost, is a genuine focus on those who come to depend on her and her program. She is personable, and caring. She is also helping to dispel many of the myths which surround topics line veganism, and a balance in life. To me, a practicing vegan for over 30 years, this is so refreshing. Jami is committed, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. Without reservation, she has my recommendation as a truly professional practitioner.
September 23, 2012

Sondra WeidmanOwner, The Cooking Club
“Jami is and Excellent Motivator! She is very dedicated and works so incredibly hard at everything she does! Her PhillyFIT Events are Fabulous!”
September 21, 2012

Brian McDonough, MDMedical Editor, KYW Newsradio
“Jami wrote a profile centering around my exercise program as well as others in the media and was quite effective at sending a message to her readers about the importance of exercise as part of good health for all of us.”
September 24, 2012

Eric RobertsDirector of Sales, Bartash
“It is an honor and pleasure to produce PhillyFIT Magazine for Jami these past few years. Jami’s magazine is a brand all her own. She utilizes the best, most relevant technology, and she is always an early adopter of many of the media solutions we offer. We have also enjoyed utilizing this valued client as a beta tester for some of our newer online publishing products. Jami will continue to be successful in anything she chooses to pursue, but I personally hope it stays within the confines of the publishing and media industries.”
September 21, 2012

Margie KingHealth Coach & Copywriter, Owner, Margie King Health Coaching
“Jami is an organizational and marketing genius! I worked as a vendor at her PhillyFit Bash and found Jami to be completely professional and responsive. I loved the energy that Jami brought to the event. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is a joy to work with!”
September 24, 2012

Rita SommererClient
“Jami helped me with a booth I had set up at a PhillyFit venue, she is professional, yet personable and extremely hard working, her employee’s are as well. Rita Henry with PhillyFit is also amazing, she worked with me personally before and after the “bash” and guided me with expert advise. Job well done. Thank you.”
September 24, 2012

Joan WoltematePersonal Trainer, JMW FITNESS LLC
“I worked with Jami at the Phillyfit Bash, she was awesome to work with. She really cares about people and it shows. There were thousands of people at the bash and yet she was exteremly organized and very calm. People are drawn to Jami. She is great at what she does and motivates others to do their very best. She is beautiful inside and out.”
September 21, 2012

Stephen CammarotaSales & Marketing, Mountain Printing Company
“Reading Jami’s articles are inspiring and refreshing. She is obviously serious about fitness yet light and funloving about life.”
September 21, 2012

Nancy Ross VecchioneCreator, Researcher and Editor Wedding & Lifestyle Blogs, WDW(Wedding Day Weekly) and Other Wedding Blogs Formerly The Wedding Queen
“Jami is a creative individual who provides her readers with innovative content and brings a fresh way of looking at any topic. Her work with PhillyFit Mag is an inspiration to anyone in the media world.”
September 24, 2012

Todd Parker, M.A., M.S.,CPT,CSCS,EST,USACMagazine Cover Model, Bicycling Magazine
“Jami is the most passionate Fitness Professional and Magazine Publisher & Author I have ever worked with. Sharing and publishing articles and information within our industry has been the most rewarding experience I have had amongst all of the magazines I have either modeled for or been a guest author with. If you’re looking at growing your fitness/wellness industry exposure and business opportunities, collaborating with Jami is at the top of my recommendation list. If you have any further questions of me, please do not hesitate to contact me at 215.80.Coach (215.802.6224) or TP2Coaching@gmail.com”
September 21, 2012

Lisa FiorenzaProfessional Makeup and Fashion Consultant, Chanel, Too Faced
“Jami’s work is second to none, not just in the Delaware Valley but beyond. Her publication is always refreshing, informative and not contrived. I always look to the magazine for information and news that may help me in my business. Her publication is part of the entire process of feeling good and looking good. It is also very easy to find a copy in the Philadelphia area. I look forward to reading PhillyFIT every month.”
September 21, 2012

Carl WagnerCEO & Board Member, CACE – Center for Advancement in Cancer Education
“Jami is an ICON in the fitness industry. PhilyFIT Magazine and the PhillyFIT Bash have raised awareness and knowledge to fitness seekers as well as everyday average folks of all ages desiring a healthy lifestyle. On a personal note, Jami is warm and giving. She is also one of the hardest working people in the fitness world. Jami is a great resource and asset to anyone in the fitness industry. I would highly recommend anyone looking to break into fitness get in touch with Jami.” September 25, 2012 Request a new or revised recommendation from Carl Wagner   show christina pirello , Owner, christina cooks (colleague) worked directly with you “wow, how to describe jami…a force of nature, fueled by passion, commitment and the drive to teach people about being fit and healthy. her compassion allows people to approach her and her passion inspires them to be their best. working with her was a blast: professional, easy, flexible and committed to the best.”
September 25, 2012

Don LaffertyPrincipal, Mingl Social 
“Working with PhillyFIT and Jami has been a genuine pleasure. As a writer dealing with hundreds of editors and publications over the years, Jami’s positivity and passion for fitness, healthy lifesyle and family values comes through in every aspect of the way she works. I recommend finding a way to work with Jami and her team, and look forward to the next time we can work with her.”
September 25, 2012

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