RTP Athletics

Keeping athletes healthy and elevating performance! Injury rehab and prevention, performance enhancement, ART, and so much more.
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RTP Athletics

Our Mission is simple: Keep our athletes healthy and elevate their performance, while helping them continue doing what they love.

Return To Play Athletics (RTP Athletics) – Sports Therapy & High Performance is located in Ridley Park, PA. It was founded and created by Mark Lewis, a licensed athletic trainer and certified strength and conditioning specialist, who has nearly 15 years experience working with collegiate and professional athletes. Most recently, Mark was an athletic trainer for the Philadelphia Eagles for 9 seasons including the Super Bowl 52 championship team in 2017.

“I’m very grateful for my experience with the Eagles, my home town team, and where my father was born and raised. Treating and rehabilitating some of the greatest athletes in the world at the highest level of competition – that experience equipped me with a unique skill set that has been so valuable to my career.”

In what is a natural next step, Mark aims to expand his world of athletics and treat athletes of all skill sets and age groups. This vision led to the development of RTP Athletics, a sports therapy and performance business designed to be diverse and offer specialized services for our local community athletes (competitive and noncompetitive),weekend warriors, fitness enthusiasts, and people who simply want to continue living an optimally active lifestyle.

“This year has been challenging for all of us in our own way. Growing and getting a business off the ground during a pandemic definitely brings its own challenges, but I felt like it was the right time in my career to make it happen. I believe more than ever people are eager,excited, and driven to get back to an active lifestyle as we move to wards a better 2021. My career path has led me here, and I’m eagerto make a difference in my community by helping people achieve and maintain optimum health and wellness. This is something I couldn’t be more excited about!” In addition to owning and managing RTP Athletics, Mark is the Director of Rehabilitation for Dr. Lee S. Cohen& Associates Podiatric Sports Medicine in both Ridley Park, PA and Cherry Hill, NJ.

At RTP Athletics, we value the importance of treating our athletes with the goal of achieving full recovery, while helping them reach their maximum potential. We understand the physical demands that athletics place on the human body; and we understand what it takes to withstand, recover, and adapt to those stresses. Our end goal is to equip our clients with the tools to help them grow and perform at a high level in their sport or activity, while maintaining positive results long term.

Services that are offered by RTP Athletics include injury rehabilitation,injury prevention training, performance enhancement training, active release technique (ART) therapy, and recovery treatments. Mobile services also available upon request.

Visit www.rtpathletics.com for a free in person/virtual consultation, schedule an appointment for any of the offered services, or sign up for our community newsletter to receive weekly free content!

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