Wellness Fitness Retreat hosted by PhillyFIT Magazine

Wellness Fitness Retreat hosted by PhillyFIT Magazine

PhillyFIT Fitness Wellness Retreat
PhillyFIT Fitness Wellness Retreat PF-retreat3

bridgewalk ONE OF OUR WORKOUTS is walking this 2.74 (one way) mile bridge in Ocean City, NJ

PhillyFIT is partnering with the luxurious beach resort in Ocean City, NJ for our 6th Wellness Fitness Exercise Retreat! Your life will be touched, if not transformed, once you experience our fitness-packed (or relaxing) agenda. From the healthy food, to the workouts, to the life-changing therapy. Our staff are catering to your goals and your needs. You’ll be on the beach, and just a few days from becoming the best YOU ever!
“Minimum Time Commitment, Maximum Results.”
We find the MISSING PIECES that have kept you from being SUCCESSFUL by spending a long weekend focused on YOU!
Let the waves and winds of the beach, and workouts of PhillyFIT experts and legends, get you and your workouts back on track!
You will experience NOTHING but wellness, workouts and healthy workshops such as:
▶ 3 healthy meals per full day. Thursday: lite dinner, Sunday: breakfast and lite lunch
Route 52 Causeway from Somers Point to Ocean City▶ 2 Morning/evening walks on the beach (some high intensity for calorie burning, some strolls for the soul), and we will be walking 2.74 miles…one way….up and back on the Route 52 Causeway from Somers Point to Ocean City.
▶ 2 workouts per day (one core/combined cardio workout and one yoga/pilates and heated outdoor pool workout)
▶ 1 luxurious, holistic healing modality per day (Shiatsu/Reiki/Massage/Facials/Skin Care)
▶ 1 Educational Workshop per evening such as: Healthy Cooking (organic healthy meals for the family, Sugar Free Baking for the Family, Smoothies for Daily Meals, etc.)
▶ 1 Brainstorm Session such as: How to Get Back on Your Fitness Game, Where to Find the Time to FIT in Fitness in Your life, Walking/Running Workshops, Podiatry: Finding the Right “FIT” for Your Feet/Shoes to Workout, Stretching, Self Defense for Fitness and Safety, How to Make Your Own Homemade Workouts You Can Do on Your Own, Real Meal Planning for Every Day Life, etc.
Each private room offers:
▶ One and Two Bed Occupancy’s – COUPLES, SINGLES, GROUPS, BFF’s, all configurations welcome!
▶ K-cup coffee maker, Fridge, stove/oven! (Full bar accessories too!)
Where your mind meets your body and talks to your soul.
Our event will leave you changed for the better, for life.
We are sure of it!
APRIL 28-MAY 1, 2016 - The PhillyFIT Weekend Wellness fitness RETREAT getaway in Ocean City, NJ

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