Welcome Shantil Thomson…to the Philadelphia Women’s Physique world!

Welcome Shantil Thomson…to the Philadelphia Women’s Physique world!

"I am competing in my first ever NPC women's physique competition, after recently moving to the Philly area and needing to find a new competitive outlet. I spent the last few years competing in crossfit, fighting Muay Thai, and playing multiple sports, and this seemed like something that could help stoke my competitive fires!

I was always athletic in my youth and through college, but started to slip after starting a full time career. I found crossfit, and spent 5 years training and competing through multiple moves – California, North Carolina, and Philadelphia. It helped me stay sane, and kept me healthy. Recently I needed a new challenge, and decided to step into NPC physique competitions to stoke my competitive fire and give me a new goal!

I’m a morning person, so 5am sharp I roll in to the gym to get my day started and my head right before heading in to work. I work out 5 days a week, for about 75 minutes of weights rotating daily through 2 lower body workouts, back and bis, chest and tris, and shoulders, with 20 minutes of cardio to top it off. My cardio is split between 3 low intensity session and 2 HIIT sessions of sprinting on the bike or treadmill.

For diet, I track everything through MyFitnessPal. My base caloric intake is around 2500, but I have been tapering over 3 months to prepare for the competition and have had to cut carbs and fats pretty drastically; I always keep my protein high and steady, though! I have a whole list of the “cheat” foods I plan to devour after show day this Saturday, at the Baltimore Gladiator – doughnuts and a big, greasy cheeseburger top the list!"

Photos were taken by Jon Ted, (JonTClt), recently when I went back to Charlotte for a weekend to meet with my competition coach, IFBB Pro Lauren Rutan. I work out at Universal Pro Gym in Horsham, PA.

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