Uptime Energy Products

By John Paone

Looking to increase its share of the projected $21.5 billion energy drink and shot market,* Uptime Energy Products has rebranded itself as a nutritious, “vegetarian-friendly,” alternative to the “sugary” and “harsh-tasting” choices currently available.

Based in Canoga Park, CA, UPTIME products can be purchased nationwide in natural food and convenience stores, GNC, and online at www.uptime.energy. But keep an eye out for them. If you saw the tablets on a store shelf you might walk right past them. Their non-discript appearance – the red/white “maxium” blend and the blue/white “original” – doesn’t do justice to the product inside.

The original blend, according to the company, contains ingredients like spirulina blue green algae, ginkgo biloba, ginseng and coenzyme Q10 with just a touch of caffeine. A recommended 3-tablet dosage (1 tablet for each 50 lbs. of body weight) also contains 100% daily value of vitamins and minerals including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6 and B12 and folate. There is also immune-supporting vitamin C, calcium for bone health and chromium.

The maximum blend contains 45% of the daily value of calcium, 38% magnesium, and 100% zinc in addition to royal jelly, 5-HTP, coenzyme Q10 and lutein, according to the company. There is also caffeine, green tea extract, and additional natural ingredients such as ginseng, cayenne, kola nut, guarana and other seeds, roots, berries and mushrooms. The recommended dosage for the maximum blend is up to 1 tablet for each 100 lbs. of body weight.

Since I weigh 245lbs. I took the maximum blend, and found Uptime to be an effective energy source to get me through my post-lunch afternoon at work. I took the tablets around 10:30am (about half way between breakfast and lunch) for 2 weeks, and noticed a boost in mental focus the very first day. The effects happened quickly, and lasted through the end of the workday. I found I didn’t need coffee or other energy drinks/shots to get me through as I normally would.

For my evening workouts I tried the Uptime energy drinks. I typically use pre-workout powders because I like the over-all body “burn” and “amped” feeling I get with them. The Uptime energy drinks, like the tablets, were much more subtle in their effect. They come in upscale packaging – regular in a black metallic bottle; sugar-free in white metallic – and both deliver a tangy, citrusy flavor that was refreshing when chilled. Again, like with the tablets, there was a noticeable increase in mental clarity and focus, however the “up time” did not seem to last as long as with the tablets. I also didn’t feel as though they helped me work out longer in the weight room or with more intensity.

Overall, the Uptime Energy products deliver on what they promise, “energy and nutritional supplements – for those who want the fuel to succeed without having to resort to coffee, sugary energy drinks, or harsh-tasting shots.”

~ ~ ~

John Paone, 54, is a high school teacher, direct sales marketer, freelance graphic designer, and amateur baseball player, who relies “on good, quality nutritional supplements to get me through every day!” A graduate of Shippensburg Univ. of PA (BA, Journalism), and Holy Family Univ. (MBA), he is currently working towards an M.Ed. in Career and Technical Education/Industrial Education, at Temple University.

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