PhillyFIT FASIONISTAS Summer Camp for Girls

PhillyFIT FASIONISTAS Summer Camp for Girls

PhillyFIT (fashion and fit) camp for girls features a young girls dreams of everything she loves to do.. but never gets to do at summer CAMP! Hair, make-up...cooking...fashion design....with a little fitness twist! Add some swimming time each day, arts and crafts, homemade lunches cooked on the grill...this is a week of heaven for young ladies!

Age range approx. 8-12 years old, depending on her level of maturity and she needs to be able to swim.

ONE FULL WEEK , summer 2018. 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (date to be posted shortly) with extended hours available and overnight accommodations if needed too! Cost: $225/meals included!


EACH DAY FEATURES a guest teacher (local guru’s) on the topic of the day.

5 full days, lunches included, and swimming at the end of day. Workouts, healthy meals...(all cooked with the girls)...

Day 1: hair styling….beach waves, blow outs, curls…up-do’s…todays hottest teen trends. Hands on teaching and practicing.

Day 2: Make up and skin care. Learn the entire art of how to do teen make up and proper creams, etc.

Day 3: Girls fitness and fashion: things girls can do at home to learn how to be FIT and clothing trends. How to dress or down, and still be “cool".

Day 4: Girls nutrition. A day of cooking and learning about foods.

Day 5: A day of prep for their very own fashion show …at the end of the day for family and friends to come see…showcasing everything the girls have learned all week. Food and entertainment prepared by the girls.

Email jami@phillyfit.com or call 267-767-4205 for details.

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