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Recently on our Instagram we ran a contest asking followers to tag us in an image of their favorite "PhillyFIT Activity" for a chance to win free entry to a Spartan Race (value $100). We had so many awesome images sent to us. It was hard to choose but we narrowed it down to Alex who ended up giving his entry to his 8 year old son. After the race Alex sent us some really cool images of his family participating in the Spartan Race together. We loved them so much that we decided to chose them as our PhillyFIT Feature Family!

We wanted to learn more about this awesome family so we did a little Q&A with them! The following is a fun interview we did with Alex (45), Amanda (40), Jack (8), and Madison (11) from Royersford, Pennsylvania....

1. Congrats on being our "PhillyFIT Feature Family" this month and winning entry to the Spartan Race! Let's start with how many races have you completed?

  • Alex - 14 races
  • Jack - 2 races
  • Madison - 2 races

2. What was your favorite obstacle and why?image

  • Alex - Spear Throw! It's empowering when you make it!
  • Jack - Rope climb over slippery wall, FUN!
  • Madison - Rope climb over slippery wall, FUN!

3. What was your least favorite obstacle and why?

  • Alex - Spear Throw! It can make or break you. 30 burpees when you miss!
  • Jack - Mud Whooped-De-Doo, not deep enough for a cannonball!
  • Madison - Inverted wall climb, very difficultimage

4. Have you completed any other obstacle courses or races? If so what was your favorite?

  • Alex - Yes, Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash. Spartan is my favorite!
  • Amanda - Warrior Dash

5. What is your favorite summer outdoor activity?

  • Alex - Trail running
  • Amanda - Running
  • Jack - Basketballimage
  • Madison - Soccer

6. What is your favorite healthy snack?

  • Alex- Avocado
  • Amanda - Grapes
  • Jack- Snap peas
  • Madison - Apple sauce

7. What is your favorite exercise?

  • Alex - Burpees
  • Jack - Bike Riding
  • Madison - Walking the puppy

8. What is your favorite family activity?

  • Alex - Road Trip
  • Amanda - Going for a hike
  • Jack - Going to the boardwalk
  • Madison - Going to the beach

9. Who is your favorite athlete and why?

  • Alex - Jens Voigt, great attitude and a powerhouse cyclist with an impressive career!
  • Amanda - Tony Hawk, "we met him and he was so nice"
  • Jack - Raul Ibanez, great baseball player and really nice!
  • Madison - Kacy Catanzaro, She is so inspiring!

10. Thanks for spending a little time answering a few questions, final one..Why do you think it's important to live a healthy lifestyle?

  • Alex - You feel good!
  • Son - More Fun!
  • Madison - More Fun!


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