Keeping Kids Active While Schools Out

As a kid the three best months of the year were, can you guess?... June, July, and August!


It doesn't get any better than summer time for kids. But darn it, as a parent it's a completely different experience. "Schools out!!" Turns into "Crap, Schools out." What happened to the care free days of skipping rocks in the creek, pool hopping with friends, or catching fireflies at night (and releasing them in my bedroom..oops)? That's right, we turned into adults. Now we're trying to figure out what to do each day so the kids aren't feeling the magical déjà vu, making lunches that don't consist of easy unhealthy meals, and getting the kids ready for bed each night after making a good summer dinner.

I think back on my childhood and some of the best memories I have happened in the summer time and occurred in my own backyard. In this day and age video games, iPads, TVs, etc. are such a huge part of our kids lives. Whether it's giving a two year old an iPad while out in public just to keep them quiet (guilty!), or letting your older kids play video games just so you don't hear them fighting...let's face it electronics are here and they are here to stay. Sometimes they are a blessing, while at other times being a curse. I am determind though to have my kids look back on their childhood days and remember being active and playing, doing things together that don't involve a screen.

So here are a few of my favorite summer activities to get your kids to put down that controller, and get outside...

1. Water Balloon War - How cool is this Mom? I can tell you being a girl I would totally dig this idea! Who wouldn't want to hunt for their parents with water balloons while dodging water guns? A summer activity I can guarantee kids will never forget.

imagePhillyFIT Magazine Pinterest

2. Squirt Gun Painting - Clearly you can tell I'm a Mom of a boy. Squirt guns are a favorite summer toy in our house. I came across this genius idea on Pinterest. Why not let your kid bring out their artistic side with a little paint and a squirt gun. GENIOUS! (Love Pinterest!)

PhillyFIT Magazine Pinterest

3. Slip - N- Slide - That's right, a good old fashion Slip-N-Slide. Of course these days they aren't just simple anymore. They are bigger, better, and more complex. Kids now have monster mouths they can slide through, pools they can splash into, or a width so wide you can race two friends!


Finding activities to keep kids busy in the summer is tough but what about getting those picky toddlers to eat healthy? Once again Pinterest comes to the rescue! These little ice tray buffet style lunches are awesome for toddlers at home, on the go, or even for a picnic lunch. I was able to find an ice tray with a lid for my son on Amazon. GENIOUS I tell you! Kid ate it all :) Happy Toddler, Happy Momma!

PhillyFIT Magazine Pinterest

Finally after a long summer day of playing what's better than a good bedtime story. There is an adorable book called "Good Night Yoga" by Mariam Gates. "This bedtime story is so much more than a story. It's a practice for kids and parents to end the day in a calming, mindful way. Turn the page and stretch like a tree, settle softly like a ladybug, float like a cloud, and you'll be dreaming soon."

imagePhillyFIT Magazine Pinterest

What are some of the activities your kids love to do in the summer?

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