Get the Skinny on these Skincare Products!

Have you applied lotion to your skin recently? Did you spray insect repellant on you or your child this past summer? Do you ever wear lip balm? Do you wash your face daily? Call me crazy but I’m going to make an assumption that some kind of soap is being used in your shower…am I correct?

If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, then also answer this question: Have you ever read the ingredients on any of the above products that you are using? If not, definitely take a gander at the ingredients next time you pick up the bottle or package.

A myriad of skin products on the market are made with unpronounceable ingredients. Harsh chemicals are being absorbed and then enter your body.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. Let’s take care of it by using more natural ingredients to cleanse and moisturize.

I have found and tried an AMAZING line of skin care that I am so excited to tell you about! Christine’s Garden of Beauty is a small business made by a woman, you guessed it, named Christine. The products are pure and freshly handcrafted by Christine. She takes pride in saying that every product is raw, gluten-free, and vegetarian. Some products can even be made vegan upon request! Some ingredients are grown in her garden and the rest are fair trade and organic. The containers that hold the products and even the labeling are sustainable.

Christine makes a variety of skin care products. I am going to tell you about some of my personal favorites. She makes small bars of face soap that gently clean my pores. I’ve tried many face soaps and scrubs but all of them eventually dry out my face, especially in the winter time. Christine’s face soap both purifies and nourishes my pale, Irish skin. I have bought this face soap for two of my close girl friends and they now refuse to use any other face soap. Go ahead, use it day and night. You’ll love it.

The body polish is my second favorite. It is a sugar scrub used to moisturize and exfoliate in the shower. It is simply made with organic fair trade cane sugar, organic almond and sunflower oils, and organic spearmint essential oil. After applying this at the end of your shower, your skin feels warm and healthy. And let’s not forget, your skin smells divine.

Another favorite is the air freshener linen spray. The only ingredients include distilled water, organic lavender essential oil, and alcohol. It eliminates any odors, freshens linens, and compliments your house after a long morning of cleaning. The lavender scent sprayed on your bed before you go to sleep eases your mind and enables relaxation before bed.

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