eBoxing Handles – Available for both iOS and Android!

eBoxing Handles – Available for both iOS and Android!
eBoxingHandles Features:
A pair of electronic boxing handles
Unique, button-free touch sensor switches, vibration impulses commanding system, Bluetooth technology
Smartphone training app
Adaptive punching combinations training engine, statistical analysis of trainings
3-axis acceleration sensor system
Detects all motions in space
Track your training
Informative graphical representation of punches, intensity, statistics, and progress
High quality punch recognition
State-of-the-art data mining and machine-learning technology
Bluetooth technology
Fully wireless, directly connects to your smartphone
Available for both iOS and Android

We have been involved in sports all our lives and strive to encourage active lifestyles. The principal of our company, the inventor of the eBoxingHandles product, István Magyar, has been practicing a range of martial arts since youth. He invented the eBoxingHandles because he started missing the challenge of the diversified punching combinations of his old training sessions. This is when he realized he wanted to develop an easy-to-use device that could mimic those sessions in intensity and track his progress — a device that could be employed anywhere and anytime to provide real, extensive training in punching combinations for any user, regardless of his/her fitness and skill level.

You can choose from two different levels of training. Medium Intensity Intervals - To warm up and between high intensity intervals train with the medium intensity Guided Rounds. Like a good coach - with built in adaptive training engine - it puts your training to the maximum. It gives you commands and instructions and gets the most out of you. Improves your punching combinations, techniques and increases your strength.

High Intensity Intervals - Speed up with high intensity intervals to boost your training to the maximum. The Free Rounds will put you over your limits. Builds you unbelievable power, endurance and super lean muscles.

For more information visit www.fiteclubs.com

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