10 Tricks to Get and Stay Motivated!

10 Tricks to Get and Stay Motivated!


Listen, I would consider myself a motivated individual. However some days I just want to stay in bed and be a lazy bum. We all have those days we want to hide in a blanket fort and be left alone. While that may have worked when we were 5 or 6 years old, it does not work in adulthood. Bummer, I know! So, what do I do on those days? How do I get moving? I made a list of things that work for me and I hope it helps you too!


  1. Try something new. If you always run, try the elliptical. If you always drink coffee, try drinking hot tea instead. Take the yoga class you have been afraid to try. Step out of your comfort zone, whatever it is.
  2. Get outside. Be one with nature. Go for a walk through a local park. Stop and smell the roses. Look around at all the natural beauty around you. Use it as inspiration. Use it to feel gratitude for the day.
  3. Whether it is going to work or going to the gym and you do not feel like it, try playing some loud music. Put on your favorite music nice and loud to get you going. Nothing like blasting your favorite tunes to get you moving.
  4. Eat clean. Eating healthy clean meals will have you feeling better about yourself and give you lots of natural energy. Forgo the sugary stuff that will only make you feel worse, grab a piece of fruit, or drink some hot tea.
  5. Share your goals with others. Tell your family and friends your goals. Even they do not agree with them, you now have accountability. Sharing yourself is you being vulnerable, which is scary, I know. However, you will feel lighter just by sharing and getting it off your chest.
  6. Place your favorite motivational quotes and sayings around your home and workspace. You can use sticky notes or even write on your bathroom mirrors (my favorite) to keep your mind clear. My favorite motivational quote: “If you change nothing, nothing changes.”
  7. Make a to-do list. Make it a game of how many things you can cross off the list by the end of the day. Do not beat yourself up if everything does not get crossed off. Add it to the next day and start the game all over again. Make it fun!
  8. De-clutter your home or workspace. How can a messy kitchen or workspace inspire you? It will not. Tidy it up and you will give yourself the space to think clearer. Not sure about you; clutter makes me crazy. I am more motivated when things are neat and tidy.
  9. Focus on the positive. Do not dwell on the negative. Acknowledge those thoughts and say “I choose to think positive.” Thank you, brain. Think positive thoughts and you will be more motivated to start new projects or try a new workout.
  10. Treat yourself to a new workout outfit or sneakers. Heck, even a pair of new gym socks makes me feel good on the days I am not motivated. Whatever it is that makes you feel good, treat yourself to it. You deserve it!

How about you? Ever have one of those days? Please feel free to share. I would love to hear what motivates you on those “off” days.


Kelly Smyth has over 10 years’ experience as a master personal trainer and motivational life coach. Her commitment to her clients is to provide accountability, understanding, and support. Kelly not only trains her clients in the gym; she incorporates both mind and body together. She inspires each client to be the best version of themselves while working on health, fitness, nutrition, self-confidence, motivation, and the discipline needed to face obstacles that come along both inside and outside the gym. Visit her on the Web at Livelifeunstoppable.com.

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