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  As athletes, we often have aches and pains after our hardcore or intense workouts. This is normal and can be a sign that we pushed ourselves, and the body is repairing itself. When the pain lingers and become chronic, leading to forced recovery workouts, or worse yet, forced rest and time off, you may…


  Have you ever wondered, “What exactly is inflammation, do I have inflammation, and how can I handle it?” Maybe you have some of these symptoms?   Headaches Sinus issues Allergies Chronic pain Stiffness Weight gain Dark circles Puffiness Bloating Abdominal pain or cramping Diarrhea Constipation Fatigue Dry, itchy skin Cravings Brain fog Anxiety Depression…


  2020 will go down in history as one of the most challenging years of our lives, professionally and emotionally, in a generation. Covid-19 has changed the world we live in, literally overnight. There has been sickness, struggle, anger, and sadly a great loss of life. Life, however, must go on for our nation and…


  Aches and stiffness are not always a matter of “aging.” They can be brought on by daily habits, posture, and repetitive movement. Holding any position for extended periods is not a natural state for our bodies. We are designed to move in a variety of ways. Whether at a computer, in a car, on…


  ANIMAL INSTINCTS! Get your mind out of the gutter; this isn’t one of the sexiest Pub Pages that I have written, but maybe one of my personal favs (or favorite topics anyway).   This is about “The Freakish Foster Fail” that led to a Surprisingly Serendipitous Solution.   I was casually chatting with a…


Every wonder what setting up an IRA really can do for you and your family?   All these years of hearing about IRA’s (Individual Retirement Account) I never really understood much about them. I was having dinner with a high school friend that was back in town (Lives in FL now) and she was telling…


7 Reasons to UP Your Protein We don’t simply eat for protein. We eat for amino acids. This can be a very controversial nutrient especially as it relates to animal-based versus plant-based protein. Not only does protein help build new cells, repair old cells, and keep our muscles and bones strong, but it also keeps…


  Your Workout Is ONLY As Good As Your Warm-Up By Jasmin Lepir   Having had the privilege of working at a very busy health and fitness club, I got to observe many members’ workout routines. The one thing I noticed is how many people do not warm up properly or simply don’t warm up…


Staying Hydrated with Flavored Water


Why Lifting Heavy Matters
Your Workout is ONLY As Good As Your Warm-Up


Hiring Group Fitness Trainer

Premiere Southampton facility in need of enthusiastic and qualified coach.$30-$45 per session.

Tres Agaves Organic Tequila

How to make a margarita? Start with great Tequila. Whether you choose Tres Agaves Blanco, Añejo, or Reposado, all are single-sourced, organic, 100% blue agave Tequila. Our agave comes only from the Tequila Valley, Mexico—the mecca for ideal Tequila soil and climate. It’s a unique place with a special terroir (yes, there’s “terroir” in Tequila) that gives our Tequilas a luscious citrus, herbal quality. So, got your margarita recipe (or our Margarita Mix)? Read on for the perfect Tequilas for sipping on their own or mixing into your favorite Tequila cocktail.

Sculp Mobile Med Spa

Sculp Mobile Med Spa is excited to announce their new technique available for fat loss and muscle gain! The new Emsculpt Neo machine has men and women from Philadelphia very excited to tackle that stubborn fat they cannot seem to lose.

Premier Orthopaedic ~ E. Norriton

Full-service orthopaedic care is close to
home in Montgomery County. Our physicians, consistently named to Main Line Today’s annual Top Doctors list, offer expert treatment for a wide range of orthopaedic conditions:
• Arthritis
• Hip and knee pain
• Hand pain and injuries
• Foot and ankle pain
• Fractures
• Osteoporosis
• Shoulder and elbow pain
• Sports injuries

Hughes Personal Training

Our goal is to teach YOU how to take great care of yourself! Personal training programs for al levels, hourly or half-hour segments. Specialized and customized for you and your goals.

Buinewicz Plastic Surgery and Med Spa

Plastic Surgery and Med Spa in Bucks County, PA and Hunterdon County, NJ
At Buinewicz Plastic Surgery, we are committed to the highest standards of medical care, patient safety, and ethics. Our goal is to deliver natural-looking transformative results for all of our patients. At Buinewicz Plastic Surgery, all of our surgical procedures and cosmetic services are provided in a supportive and patient-friendly environment.

Massage Therapy by Nita Keesler

Massage therapy specializing in healing using Thai, Therapeutic Deep Tissue and Yoga assisted stretching.

Jazmin Rae Esthetic Salon and Spa

Located in Passyunk Square, Philadelphia, a boutique collective of talented
estheticians and cosmetologists. Owner, Jazmin Rae, is an agency represented
cosmetologist, makeup artist.

Fusion Fitness Studio

Fusion Fitness Studio is Bucks County’s premier personal training facility
for expert guidance in fitness, performance & healthy lifestyle coaching.

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