Hi J,

Am very disappointed to have run out of time to make it to Willow Grove Mall (PhillyFIT BASH 2018), and the event you hosted in my best interests (and everyone else's). It has been many years that you have been doing what you do. I really appreciate what you are doing to improve people's health and general well-being. My own vocation took a higher  priority on this day, but do not let that, in any way, diminish the value I ascribe to what you are doing for the people around us. You, in my opinion, are doing an excellent performance of what you are called to do. ONE LOVE!!!☀️😎❤️

~~Jeff Delire

Hi Jami!
Many years ago (I began as a trainer in 1995) I contacted you in early 2000 to see if you had any employment opportunities at Phillyfit. The timing wasn’t right for you and I always remember how inspiring you were in your response to my emails, reinforcing my belief of hard work & staying positive. The impact you left on me then was something I appreciate even now. You were an icon in the training industry and here you were answering my emails personally. I commend you for all the hard work and effort it took to create such a strong presence. I admire where you are in your profession & the growth of Phillyfit shows your work ethic & abilities.
~ ~ Tina Carroll


Good Morning!
Just read that article.  Wow.  I printed out the 3 pages on this wonderful color laser printer they gave us at the office, so I can read it over a few times, whenever I start to crawl back into my rabbit hole again.
I’m glad you are finding the old Jami again.  That makes me happy to see.  You’ve always been an inspiration to me, as well as so many others.
I’m trying some of the things you mention.. the new music, new places to go, new friends…knowing you’re back, is really great.  It’s inspiring. Thanks for printing that.  It helped me feel better today.”
~ ~ Jeff G.


Hi Jami!
Your piece in this issue (April magazine) is AWESOME! It took me over 20+ years to realize that to be authentic, to be myself is be-YOU-tiful! Oh I hope you touch upon this topic more often to let people know that it is okay to be real, genuine and true to yourself, not because of others but because you love yourself! Keep up the GREAT work!
I read somewhere that God gives his soldiers the hardest battles because He knows we can handle it! You got this! Keep going Jami! I’m proud of you 😀
~ ~ Toni


OMG! I just read your pub page, I knew you were’nt right, I just felt it! THANK YOU FOR SHARING, I have not been feeling right myself, trying t smile and be happy but hiding the sadness and pain. Glad you are back.
~ ~ Holly Fosnot, Horsham Athletic Club


PhillyFIT Magazine,
Hey, I just got the digital copy of the upcoming PhillyFIT Magazine and the article on Drexel University’s workout facility/trainers looks incredible!  I’m so stoked to open the magazine and see the content we discussed and the way it’s professionally done, looks sooo good.  You rock!  I hope that the article is a good read for your readers.  We are so proud of our team here and the way we are establishing the facility and our trainers as the standard in the area with our unique approach. Thank you for believing in the article. Let’s catch up soon and don’t be a stranger to the facility!
 ~ ~ Andrew Case, Drexel U


Jami and PhillyFIT,
Thank you for the PHILLYFIT Magazine! I am enjoying the articles, pictures and ads! I even like the rustle sounds when I turn the pages (I am reading the online version, how cool)!!! Take care and may you have a wonderful day! Love & Light!
~ ~ Becky Rankowski 😉


Dear Ms. Appenzeller,
First of all, I LOVE your magazine. I think it’s such an amazing asset to our fitness community here in Philadelphia. I’m quite sure you hear that a lot, but I couldn’t help but tell you.
~ ~Peter Andrew Danzig, Founder, Theatrical Trainer

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